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“It’s been a long time

since we left you

without a dope beat to step to…”

Yall know I couldn’t mention that line and not think of Aaliyah right??!!  Anyway, it’s been a whole 7 months since since we last talked.  I know I know (shame on me) but although I’ve been kinda quiet on here, I’ve been active on my IG and YouTube.

Hopefully the announcement that I’m about to make will get me back in your graces.  So here we go…now yall know usually I’m helping others on their events by vlogging and promoting, but this time I AM HOSTING MY VERY OWN!!  It’s been a few years in the making, starting with being led by God to speak more boldly about my singleness and things I have learned while on this journey.  First, healing had to take place and then I had to gain some courage and confidence in this season of singleness – especially in a world where the idea of waiting on the Lord to bless you in your love life is seen as a joke.  But yall, I’m living that blessed life to the max and decided to gather some single men and women together so that we can chat and chew uhkay??!!

The date is set for Saturday, February 16, 2019 at the beautiful Tabula Rasa Art Gallery in Rahway, New Jersey.  Tickets are available so be sure to snatch up one or two…and I hope to see you there!

Link here for tix:

Until next time,

xx, Nij ♥

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