“Made for one. Made in love.” –Nijah J.


“Cookin’ with Nij” started out as a random thought, turned social media post in 2012 but it didn’t come to fruition until 2019. It was birthed out of Nijah’s desire to finally “conquer” her fear of cooking.  A single woman, Nijah prepared meals for herself but it was more of a chore than anything, unlike many other single women she knew. Cooking seemed to come easy for them, however, it was another area where she struggled and felt as if she couldn’t and wouldn’t ever learn.  In the years to follow, Nijah would occasionally share a few recipes here and there, but there wasn’t any real consistency because fear kept creeping in.  But all that changed when she purchased her very first air fryer – it was as if the desire to learn how to cook was ignited and for the first time, in regards to cooking like other areas in her life, fear had no choice but to leave! Since then Nijah has embraced her new found gift and consistently prepares delicious and nutritious meals – made for one and made in love.

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