Nijah is a writer, educator, blogger, YouTube personality, model and speaker.  She has always been ambitious and goal-orientated when it came to matters of her teaching career, earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University in Psychology and a Master’s Degree from Kean University.  She is a dedicated teaching professional, always searching for ways to deepen her student’s understanding.  While teaching is fulfilling, she realized that there was a world outside of the classroom that she needed to tap into – which led to the birth of her newfound journey.

Normally a very private person, Nijah boldly took to social media and began to share the raw and honest truth about areas in which she struggled.  She garnered the support of other women who had the same struggles and in doing so created a platform where other women were invited to tell their stories.  Ultimately, she has become a voice for her peers on matters of self-esteem, relationships and singleness, fitness, body image, and confidence.

Nijah realized that there were many hidden talents that had been waiting to be birthed, so she took a leap of faith and began to enroll in classes, such as voice-overs, acting, and modeling.  In 2014, she even entered and won her very first pageant, earning the titles as Ms. Full Figured USA and Miss Congeniality.  

She has exercised her love for writing by starting a fashion and lifestyle blog, which has allowed her the opportunity to collaborate with the brand Avenue Plus Size Clothing on several promotional campaigns.  Nijah has modeled in fashion shows for the brand The House of Thomas Lavone and was featured in international advertorials for Harper’s Bazaar UK and Town & Country UK.  To her modeling credits, she adds Bermuda Fashion Festival in 2018 and in 2019, she secured a contract which established her as being the first Curvy International Model to ever grace Bermuda’s runway.

Nijah continues to pursue her passion by vlogging various events, sharing her story at speaking engagements, blog collaborations and most recently, her new love for cooking.  Nijah is guided by her unflinching desire to inspire and her zeal to take on new challenges…one woman at a time.

Queen Nijah has been an integral part of The New Jersey Natural Hair and Beauty Expo since it’s inception. I always look forward to her insightful show recap each year. She is very professional, always on time and always willing to lend that helping hand when asked.

Shon Hyneman

The Doctor of Love Show Podcast

I have been working with Nijah Jihad for 5 years.  She is always on time, professional and very committed!  She has grown so much as a model by leaps and bounds!  She is the epitome of a runway model as well as a fit model.  

Nijah Jihad has become the first African American curvy model from Newark, NJ to be used in an advertorial in Town & Country UK, Summer 16 and in Elle UK, August 2016.  She has the skills and ability to adapt to the many changes in the fashion industry, making her more desirable to other brands for ambassadorship!  She is a well-rounded spokesmodel as well.  I enjoy seeing Nijah grow into her destiny in the fashion industry like a boss brand.

Thomas Lavone

Fashion Designer, The House of Thomas Lavone

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