Enjoy the journey. Celebrate the progress. –Nijah J.


Let’s Get FAB was birthed on December 26, 2012 out of Nijah’s desire to openly share her fitness journey with the world.  But as she embarked on her journey, something happened – what started out as an attempt to solely lose 50 pounds blossomed into something so much more meaningful.  As she looked within, she discovered some hidden jewels that she wasn’t aware of, which propelled a shift in her thought process.  In doing so, she found confidence, self-esteem and the courage to embrace the woman that God called her to be, and the emotional weights that rendered her helpless no longer had its grip.  It was as if the scales on her eyes had fallen off and for the first time, she was able to see the vision and purpose behind the idea of getting FAB in all areas of her life.

She wants women to know that they do not have to walk this journey alone, and it does not have to be hum drum.  It can be as fun and exhilarating as you make it, while meeting and networking with people at the same time.  She has created a forum for women to share their struggles, triumphs, recipes, sweaty workout selfies and inspirational messages of encouragement daily.  

Today, Nijah is living proof of how loving yourself will catapult you into a journey of self-discovery and she uses her platform to bring others to freedom.

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