*Inspiration for this post: My Mom*

With 2015 nearly at its end, many people take this time to reflect on where they are now versus where they were in January.  Did you accomplish all the goals that you originally penned to your journal or posted to your vision board?  If not, what is your approach in 2016?


I know for me, I entered 2015 with a winning state of mind!  There have been some highs, lows, curve balls thrown yet I am still here…and yes, I still have a winning state of mind!  This change in mindset has helped me greatly.  Firstly, FEAR HAS NO PLACE HERE!  Simply put, if I want it, I am going after it.  I wholeheartedly believe that as I try, the way will be made.  Also, I am determined more than ever to pursue all the Lord has for me.  Is it easy? No.  Does it require extra of me? Yes.  But it’s also predicated on my continued trust in my God because everything I go through WILL work for my good – even the disappointments!

So as we bid adieu to 2015, begin to see yourself beyond where you are right now.  Why?  Because “IT’S YOUR TIME” as declared by gospel artists Mary Mary in their song, “Go Get It.”  It may be rough.  You may even been struggling but trust me, it will get better.  You just have to believe…now go and get yo blessing…because it’s your time!!

Check out Mary Mary’s inspiring video here:


If you have been encouraged by this post, please like, share and/or comment.  Until next time…remember to go get those blessings!

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