How to Win Hearts in Active Wear

*Avenue Plus Size Clothing sponsored this look but the opinions are all mine.*

I absolutely love when active wear meets personal style…and that is exactly what happened this past weekend.  This [butter soft, might I add] Spacedye Colorblock Active Wear Jacket and matching Leggings set was just what I needed to window shop and run my errands.

I know you’re thinking, uhh Nij it’s active wear,  so where are the after workout flex pix??  The way my mom had me walking all over the mall looking for an iron clad pot definitely counted as cardio today!

The set is made of stretchy cotton, so it’s totally breathable and is available in a Black/White combo and Blue in sizes 14/16-30/32.  Did I mention that the ENTIRE SITE is currently 50% off until Tuesday, November 8th??

So be sure to check out the Avenue for your current/future active wear needs…you’ll be glad you did!

xx, Nij



Chic in Avenue

Chic in Avenue

Hey FABBIES, so I got my hands on some fab finds from the Avenue and I just had to share.  These items are a must have, especially since Spring is officially here – which means we can let go of the jackets and coats…and trade them in for tees, fringe and a little bit of mesh!  I have 3 different looks for you today, so let’s bring on the fabulosity!

 #1 Activewear

I love to look cute while getting my sweat on and Avenue’s newest selection is H-O-T!!!   The colors are bright, trendy and yaaaas, they also hug our curves.  The capri pants and top are both made of spandex, which means they’re breathable so you can bend and stretch with ease.  The Ruched Active Tee comes in a variety of colors from Heather Tangerine, Mint to Cobalt.  Also, the Heathered Mesh Active Caprees are super soft and are available in black or charcoal.


#2 “Fringed” Benefits

Next up is the Hitachi Knit Cold Shoulder Fringed Top, which I paired with denim shorts, oowwwee!  Aint nothing wrong with showing a little leg.  It’s sheer and also has a peekaboo effect on the shoulders.  This top is versatile so you could also wear it with a pair of crisp linen pants and I’m quite certain, you can rock it as a coverup on the beach too.  Can you tell I’m thinking ahead to my summer vacay??  The sunnies are also  from the Avenue and can be found here.


#3 L(ittle) W(hite) D(ress)

I’m most certain that we all have a LBD but very rarely do we find a LWD…but guess what, the Avenue came through!  I love that it has a lining and it is embellished with sheer sleeves and a print.  I wasn’t sure which shoes to wear since it SERVES well with both the silver strappy sandals and black suede pumps.  I tried a 14/16 and in my opinion the fit was on point.  This dress is appropriate for a day party or for a night out on the town!


So there you have it…my 1st Avenue haul .  Which look did you like best?  Thanks for stopping by my page and chat soon, xx Nijah J.

PS, Links to all items can be found by clicking on the links below:

Ruched Active Tee

Heathered Mesh Capri Active Legging

Hitachi Knit Cold Shoulder Fringed Top


Dotted Net Sheath Dress

Go Get It!

Go Get It!

*Inspiration for this post: My Mom*

With 2015 nearly at its end, many people take this time to reflect on where they are now versus where they were in January.  Did you accomplish all the goals that you originally penned to your journal or posted to your vision board?  If not, what is your approach in 2016?


I know for me, I entered 2015 with a winning state of mind!  There have been some highs, lows, curve balls thrown yet I am still here…and yes, I still have a winning state of mind!  This change in mindset has helped me greatly.  Firstly, FEAR HAS NO PLACE HERE!  Simply put, if I want it, I am going after it.  I wholeheartedly believe that as I try, the way will be made.  Also, I am determined more than ever to pursue all the Lord has for me.  Is it easy? No.  Does it require extra of me? Yes.  But it’s also predicated on my continued trust in my God because everything I go through WILL work for my good – even the disappointments!

So as we bid adieu to 2015, begin to see yourself beyond where you are right now.  Why?  Because “IT’S YOUR TIME” as declared by gospel artists Mary Mary in their song, “Go Get It.”  It may be rough.  You may even been struggling but trust me, it will get better.  You just have to believe…now go and get yo blessing…because it’s your time!!

Check out Mary Mary’s inspiring video here:


If you have been encouraged by this post, please like, share and/or comment.  Until next time…remember to go get those blessings!

Colorblock Sheath aka Colorblock Chic

Black is a color that always makes a statement…whether you intend to or not.  And when it’s paired with white, the result is something so timeless, so classic and so ritzy.

Today my Fabulous Ladies aka my FABBIES, I am reviewing this Abstract Colorblock Sheath Dress from the Avenue that is all of the above and more.  Ladies when I put the dress on it was va va vooooooom!  The fit was amazing and it accentuated my curves.  What more can a gal ask for?  To add a pop of color, I added a pair of powder blue pumps.

Did I mention that this dress is currently 50% off?  So, head on over to the site to get one of your own!

Beauty is her name…

Beauty is her name…

My precious ladies, you are worthy of being in love and being loved.  However, my advice is to get a handle on your personal and emotional issues before entering into a relationship.  It is unfair to give someone the “job” of loving you- when you don’t love yourself.

Before making it official with your boyfriend/fiancé/husband, you should already:

  • have a clear sense of your self-identity
  • know the value of your self-worth
  • be comfortable in your own skin – regardless of your size. (Trust me when I tell you, confidence is sexy!)

selfloveIn my opinion, failure to work on yourself first will cause you to put unnecessary strain on the relationship and also unrealistic expectations on your significant other.  Besides, their job is to love you, not complete you.  Can you imagine the burden this would cause the relationship if you are constantly picking apart your body while trying to fit society’s mold of beauty?  For example, he says you’re “the most beautifullest thing in this world” (Keith Murray’s voice).  Instead of giving him a wink and the biggest hug, you tug on your tummy in disbelief.  You can’t expect your guy to convince you of how pretty you are – if you don’t already believe it.  You need to know it AND own it!  From personal experience, these insecurities aren’t going away just because you ignore them…and you may even run him away in the process.

Also, get rid of the scales for goodness sakes because way too much emphasis is put on it.  Too many women are obsessing over how much they weigh, counting calories, dieting, liposuction, buying “cakes”, boobs, etc. only to find that none of these things can meet your personal and emotional needs.

In closing dear hearts get to the ROOT of the problem by digging deep and above all LOVE YO SELF…because that is what truly makes a woman beautiful…xxx Nij

3 Reasons Why You Need This Quilted Faux Fur in Your Life

3 Reasons Why You Need This Quilted Faux Fur in Your Life

Hey chicas, so today I am highlighting this Faux Fur Collar Barn Jacket by Avenue Plus Size Clothing.  Listed below are 3 reasons why this jacket is a must have in your closet- like RIGHT NOW!

Reason #1 – The look & feel of it is just what you need for fall.  It is quilted but very lightweight, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a snowsuit.  I wore it while hanging out in the city with my girl Lei-Loni of Clothe Your Curves and it was perfect for this brisk November evening.  You could catch me up and down 7th Avenue strutting my stuff in this cute number!

Reason #2 – It was a perfect fit!  I ordered a smaller size (14/16) and I’m glad I did.  It contours my body, giving a nice silhouette.  Also for my ladies with plush arms like me, it wasn’t too tight and I didn’t feel restricted.

Reason #3 – There are so many ways to style it!  From the office to the weekend, this coat is sure to satisfy your fashion needs.  Another option is to wear it without the faux fur collar, as it is detachable.

Needless to say, in the words of Tamar Braxton, this coat helped me get my life!!!!!!  Check out the pics if you don’t want to take my word for it!  Until next time FABBIES…xxx Nij




1 Fashion Rule: Keep it Cute!

1 Fashion Rule: Keep it Cute!

*Thank you Avenue Plus Size Clothing for sponsoring my “Believe in Boho” look.*

Who said running errands means sweats and sneakers?  If it’s a quick store run after one of my workouts, then fine.  But the temperature was nearly 70 degrees in Jersey, so ya girl was not about to be parade around town in gym clothes…not tu-DAY (today)!  Although the ‘fit was clearly for fall, it was still cool enough to wear on this lovely spring like day.


Needless to say, I loved this comfy yet cute look.  Being the Statement Tee lover that I am, it’s no secret that I was instantly sold upon seeing it.  The added bling on the front was a plus because I absolutely “Believe in Today!”.  This three quarter length sharkbite tee was matched with a pair of great fitting jeans – which are a staple for any fashionistas closet.  To date, I have 3 pairs of the butter denim jeans…I could use a few more, but who’s keeping count? (lol)  Lastly, it is fall so bring on the boots!  In my opinion, these black suede tasseled booties were a great addition to this Boho look.  So yes my dear chicas…I completed my errands all while keepin’ it cute!

God's Plan > Your Plan

God's Plan > Your Plan

Before summer even made it’s debut, I had mines all planned out – one that included vacationing and sitting poolside in over sized sunnies with a chilled sparkling seltzer, garnished with strawberries and an umbrella toothpick.  Sounds refreshing right??  Welp, summer came and ERR’THANG fell through.

Instead of getting frustrated, I thought about the bible scripture that states “Man makes plans but God establishes his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).  So I said okay God, I know you have something else planned for me.  Almost immediately, the business idea I had came to mind…yeah the one I had been shelving for the past few years.  So I began to invest both time and money toward its development. (Slowly but surely, the title of entrepreneur will be added to my list of accomplishments.)  Had I gone on vacation, my summer funds would have been depleted and that business plan would have been collecting dust -again.

School also became a priority – and yep you guessed it.  I had to put out “mo money, mo money!”  Keep in mind the funds were dwindling, but I could hear God saying, “Daughter I got you.”  That was all the reassurance I needed to enroll in not one, but two summer courses.

Oh yeah, as if that weren’t enough, hiring a personal trainer was etched on my to do list!  Don’t get me wrong, I had been doing good on my own, but I just felt it was time to kick it up a notch.  For those wondering, no the trainer isn’t doing pro bono work, and my health insurance is not covering it.  So I had to dig even deeper.

I gotta tell you though, the decision to invest in me was one of the best choices I could have made especially at this time in my life.  The vacation can wait, but the decision to invest in my future is of essence.  Besides, I had put it off long enough.  The benefits of taking those leaps of faith have been rewarding in so many ways…and just think, this is just the beginning!

One thing’s for sure, I had the opportunity to wake up everyday and inspire people, simply by doing what I love.  I’m looking forward to sharing all these updates with you.  Until then dear hearts, step out on faith and trust God in the process.  Remember that when your plans don’t seem to work out the way you want, know that God is behind the scenes setting you up for blessings that you aren’t even aware of.  So just chill and W(atch) H(im) I(ncrease) P(rovision)…because when God sets you up it’s going to work in your favor.

OK my secret is out – and I'm in love…

OK my secret is out – and I'm in love…

Hey FABBIES (Fabulous + Ladies)!!!  A good pair of jeans is really hard to come by.  I have tried many different brands and to date, I have only 1 decent pair.  However, I got the opportunity to try the Delux Legging Jeans from the Avenue and they are amaaaazing!!!  They hug my curves in all the right places and did not lose their shape by the end of the day!!  So 10s across the board from me!


When it comes to ponchos, I’m sort of leery because they aren’t really figure flattering on me.  But I have seen many fashionistas rock them fabulously, so I decided to give this Embroidered Poncho Tunic with Fringe a try.  I ordered a size smaller, hoping it would fit my plush frame flawlessly…and baby yes it did!  I pranced and twirled all around in this poncho.  The material was soft against my skin and the fringe tips gave it a nice embellishment.


Lastly, the Rochelle Wrapped Buckle Boot, earrings, bracelet and ring completed this fall look.  These boots are perfect for gals with wide calves and the accessories were just what this fashionista needed.  Everything just seemed to mesh together well and it made me fall in love with fall all over again!  While I am going to miss the warmness of summer dearly, I am ready to welcome fall – especially the fashion!

You can shop the entire look here! Fall for Fringe.  Until next time FABBIES, you can catch me perusing the fashion aisles at an Avenue near you.  I’d love to know your fall fashion must haves and/or your thoughts on this Iook!


Fringe Benfits anyone?


NJs Plus Size Beauty collab w/MarieChic + Giveaway!!!!!

NJs Plus Size Beauty collab w/MarieChic + Giveaway!!!!!

What’s up beauties and beaus!

You know how much I love statement tees, right?  Well, blogger MarieChic has her own line that is guaranteed to cause a bunch of stares and some snaps!

I first met this beauty at Full Figured Fashion Week this past June, and since then we have kept in contact and supported each other across different platforms.  Upon meeting MarieChic, I was immediately impressed with her signature hashtag #somuchslayage ; so much so that I ordered this sassy tank!  Why, because I love the SLAYAGE!!!!!!!

I am super excited that MarieChic is sponsoring this Curvy Habits Tee (featured below) for my very first giveaway!

Curvy Habits Tee

How cool is that?  She also has a blog where she offers readers her taste for all things curvy and cute, while keeping it confident.  I am certain that one of her tees will be a perfect addition to your already fabulous- and ever growing- wardrobe.  Not to mention, you will have people asking you to slow down just so they can read your shirt.  So, head on over to NJs Plus Size Beauty on Facebook for your chance to enter and win!

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